• Visionary school has greatly embraced use of e-learning. We can gladly say with confidence that we have moved from brick and mortar (analogue) to click and brick (digital) teaching. We use smart boards from primary to high school.
  • Ours is not just to build a brand but a powerful brand.
  • We run tutorial centres where some of the below average students in the school can enroll for some time until they are fully set to join classes of their ability (without a doubt we are the only school that runs such centres in Nairobi).
  • Manageable numbers – we have regulated the number of learners per class to a maximum of 25 thus making it easy for teachers to effectively handle each student. This has made many parents withdraw learners from big schools which are reputable but have huge classes.
  • We run two curricula in the school. The advantage is, in the case where 8-4-4 system becomes a challenge to below average students; they can be adequately prepared in our tuition centres then seamlessly be moved to the British Curriculum. Having two curricula also ensures that our potential clients can choose on one curriculum over the other without a need to look elsewhere.
  • There is not much you can change about what is taught in terms of a syllabus but you can change how you teach. We have an approach where we identify a student’s talent as well as strengths and weaknesses. We then reinforce the strengths and work on the weaknesses to improve the student’s performance.
  • Our service delivery charter is deeply inculcated in our mission statement. We religiously require our employees to buy into what we aim to deliver so that they work to achieve the same.

Our Vision

  • To transform our students, one learner at a time so that their dreams can be realised.

Our Mission

  • We believe that education is fundamental to all forms of social progress and reforms.
  • We are committed to enlightening and empowering the society. We strive to give quality, practical and affordable training to our students in a dynamic environment thus giving them a future and a place in society.

Our core values

  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Hard work & commitment
  • Intergrity
  • Quality & Innovativeness

Contact Details

Visionary Centres
P.O Box 26600 - 00504,
South C, Off Five star Road, near Bandari Villas, Nairobi, Kenya.

Tel: +254- 711 70 24 25
Mobile: +254-27 822 584 / 763 651 606

Email: info@visionarycentre.ac.ke
Web: www.visionarycentre.ac.ke

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