We have Visionary Tuition Centres in Nairobi South C and South B areas.

Why you need to enroll for tuition with us?

  • Our ongoing support i.e. evening after school, weekends and holidays act as follow up.
  • Our tuition programs continue to give hope to students in general in the sense that however weak their grades are they can still be helped.
  • We must not necessarily make an E student score an A but even if that learner moved from E to C, indeed that learner has hope now.
  • The programs offer personalized attention to learners of different abilities and ensuring that they have been given maximum exposure on their areas of weakness. 
  • The programs not only focus on what the learner is currently doing in class/school, but also evaluation of the previous terms/classes.
  • Our team of teachers is qualified, experienced, resilient, zealous, relentless and above all visionary.
  • Our tutorial centres act as transitional centres for learners who are either weak or coming from foreign countries especially Europe and the States. These transitional centres have really made us different from our competitors thus giving us a competitive advantage.

Our Vision

  • To transform our students, one learner at a time so that their dreams can be realised.

Our Mission

  • We believe that education is fundamental to all forms of social progress and reforms.
  • We are committed to enlightening and empowering the society. We strive to give quality, practical and affordable training to our students in a dynamic environment thus giving them a future and a place in society.

Our core values

  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Hard work & commitment
  • Intergrity
  • Quality & Innovativeness

Contact Details

Visionary Centres
P.O Box 26600 - 00504,
South C, Off Five star Road, near Bandari Villas, Nairobi, Kenya.

Tel: +254- 20 - 600 7298
Mobile: +254-724 874 088 / 721 573 189

Email: info@visionarycentre.ac.ke
Web: www.visionarycentre.ac.ke

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